We were the first company to automate the patient transition process.

Today, we’re the biggest. And we’re still growing, with the right combination of people, technology, and focus.
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Curaspan was founded by two entrepreneurs who fled structured, restrictive, status quo-loving corporate jobs to do two things:

Solve Difficult Problems

In 2001, Curaspan rolled out the first ever automated solution to a very complicated problem—how to streamline and improve the fax, phone, paper-based and highly regulated process of discharging and transitioning patients from hospitals.

Time Saved by our Clients

Time Saved by Clients
Save approximately one hour per placement

Our Timeline

1991: Curaspan founders Tom Ferry and Ken Manning meet.

1999: Tom and Ken found the company that eventually becomes Curaspan and hire employee #1 – Jackie Birmingham.

2000: The company is renamed Curaspan.

2001: eDischarge is released commercially to both hospitals and post-acute providers. The hospital side of the application will become DischargeCentral.

2001 – 2009: Curaspan expands and contracts many times during the early years, and changes office locations five times.

2006: The first transport module is made commercially available.

2010: With the unique needs of SNFs and home health agencies in mind, Curaspan launches ReferralCentral, our referral-management application designed and built specifically for post-acute users.

2010: The transport module is separated from eDischarge and released as RideCentral.

2011: eDischarge is redesigned and rereleased as DischargeCentral.

2011: We move to our current headquarters in Newton, MA.

2012: ReviewCentral – our utilization review application – launches.

2013: Unconnected post-acute providers can now manage referrals online with QuickCase.

2013: We make automated follow-up phone calls to patients possible with OutreachCentral.

Work With Quality People

None of our strategies work without exceptional people to implement them. We maintain a team of exceptional people by sticking to our core values.

These are Curaspan’s Core Values:

1. Customers will always be our first priority.
2. We like simple.
3. We are not afraid to fail — or have fun.
4. We treat each other with trust and respect.
5. We do excellent work.
We value and respect our customers and work hard to understand the details of their work. If we listen, they will tell us what to build next.
98% Customer Retention rate

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