Automated patient follow-up phone calls save time, reduce avoidable readmissions and improve HCAHPS scores. Reach out and engage patients with OutreachCentral.
Outreach Central

Follow-Up with Patients That Return to Home

The ability to understand and impact what happens to patients after they leave the hospital is crucial to achieving better clinical and financial outcomes. DischargeCentral® automates discharge planning, boosts collaboration with post-acute providers and gives you access to important insights for patients transitioning to a bedded facility. With OutreachCentral, you can complement those capabilities for patients transitioning to home.

Engage Patients, Enhance Quality, Improve HCAHPS scores

OutreachCentral automates the daunting task of following up with patients discharged home from both inpatient care and emergency departments within 72 hours. It allows clinicians to:

  • Measure patient understanding of discharge instructions and satisfaction with the quality of care
  • Identify and intervene with high-risk patients before they return to the hospital
  • Consult with dissatisfied patients before they rate your hospital

The Perfect Pair on a Single Platform

The combined DischargeCentral-OutreachCentral solution, allows you to manage your entire patient population post-discharge, with a broad range of insight to help avoid unnecessary readmissions and improve patient satisfaction while reducing costs.

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