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Manage referrals efficiently. Collaborate with hospitals effectively.

Work with the fastest, most intuitive referral management solution on the market. It works the way you work .

Better Care, Better Tools

Collaborate more closely with hospitals. Book the patients that are the best match for your facility faster. Give them the care they need. Increase patient satisfaction. Improve clinical outcomes. All in less time than traditional referral management processes.

Training takes about 30 minutes – less time than it takes to receive some referrals.

  • Work Closely – and Securely – with Hospitals

    Reap the benefits of real-time, bi-directional electronic communication with hospitals and work together to manage patient care during transitions. Designed with help from real users, our applications allow you to identify the patients that you can accept and care for quickly and easily, and collaborate with referral sources securely during the referral management process.

  • Referral Management on One Screen

    You get referrals from a lot of different places – physicians, hospitals and other providers. Aggregate all of those referrals, regardless of the source, capturing and displaying them in one place so that you can quickly respond to requests and work with hospitals during patient transitions.

  • Reduce Response Time, Phone Tag and Faxes

    Referral packets, including documents, forms, charts and notes arrive in a secure, electronic format — directly to your desktop. Get all the referral management information you need at your fingertips, eliminating voluminous, unsecure faxes and unnecessary phone calls. Reduce your referral response time, collaborate with hospitals more closely and accept the patients you can care for at your facility.

  • Richer Profile, More Qualified Referrals

    Every provider in the U.S. is listed in the Curaspan Provider Data Bank and every provider has the option to enhance their listing with the services they provide, from levels of care to languages spoken. Hospitals use this information to choose the best next level of care for patients – and providers receive more targeted referrals – making referral management easier for everyone.


  • Real-time Status Updates - No More Surprises

    Always know what is happening with your patients. Alerts and instant messages sent to your phone or inbox allow you to track your referrals from anywhere. React quickly to changes in status like when a patient is discharged.

  • Measure Performance Across Facilities

    Generate detailed reports to grow your business. Real-time metrics such as referral volume, placement  rate and patient- payer mix are easy to access and understand. Use them to identify your most valued partners and pinpoint opportunities for growth, ideal for ACOs.

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