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Get patients to the right care setting at the right time.

Curaspan streamlines millions of care transitions, freeing clinicians to focus on what’s most important — patients.

Care Coordination Beyond Your Walls

DischargeCentral® (formerly eDischarge™) saves valuable time through automation, allowing clinicians more opportunities to care for patients and families, and more time for better collaboration with post-acute providers, even those using different EHRs. Our technology and best practices make coordinating transitions of care more efficient, leading to improvements like reduced readmissions, shortened length of stay and increased patient satisfaction.

“Reports help me identify facilities which are sending patients back, but I can also see which unit the patient was on before discharge.”

Andrea Bendis-MundayThe University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center
  • Efficiency at Admission

    Through HIS integrations, clinical information stored in your EHR is automatically added to DischargeCentral. This kind of automation eliminates duplicate data entry, reduces human error and saves time.

  • Readmission Reporting

    Do you have a way of tracking readmissions? With DischargeCentral, as soon as a patient arrives at the hospital, a new episode is created in the system. If the patient has previous episodes, you can access those, too. In our live dashboard, you can view readmissions by diagnosis, patient age, attending physician, payer, date or booked provider. When you see a trend, dig into it.

  • Protect Your Medicare Reimbursement

    Readmitted patients can negatively impact your bottom line. With care collaboration, you are notified the moment frequent fliers and high-risk patients arrive. Intervene and work with community providers and payers to design a tailored care plan, change behaviors and reduce avoidable readmissions.

  • Real-time Collaboration with Providers

    Start the discharge process right away by coordinating referral management with post-acute providers electronically. Find the right providers quickly with easy-to-use search tools and keep them updated throughout the patient’s stay via secure messaging. Post-acute providers appreciate the instant communication and complete referral packets, which allow them to make decisions quickly.

  • Expedite Utilization Review

    ReviewCentral facilitates utilization review processes and communication between hospitals and payers with a streamlined workflow and an audit trail of all case submissions.  Enhance efficiency, accuracy, management and secure sharing of clinical information, resulting in faster and more informed decisions for payers and hospitals – and ultimately fewer administrative denials.

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Patients are Discharged to Post-Acute Facilities

Secure Paperless Communication

Collaborate with providers without sending a fax or picking up the phone. There are more than 100,000 providers in the Curaspan Provider Data Bank™. You can communicate with any of them electronically – even those with different HIS and EHRs – via meaningful-use certified DischargeCentral. Once the patient chooses a provider, you can securely share clinical information so that the provider is ready for the patient’s arrival – and the patient can be discharged as soon as they’re medically ready.

Patient is Discharged

Care continues when the patient leaves the hospital. Get insight into the care patients receive at post-acute facilities by tracking provider trends and readmissions.With more than 50 standard reports, you can measure transition and readmission practices both inside and outside your hospital or IDN, and develop interventions that lead to more efficient, cost-effective care.

Patients are Discharged to Home

Extend Care to Home

Collaborate with home-health agencies without sending a fax or picking up the phone. Our Provider Data Bank contains thousands of providers – as close as next door and as far as across the country. Finding the right fit for any diagnosis requires a simple search. Bi-directional, electronic communication makes it even easier to verify the appropriate home health care agency in minutes, not hours.

Automate Your Outreach

78% of discharged patients do not understand their diagnosis, treatment, home care instructions or warning signs for when they should return to the hospital. Following up with every patient individually isn’t possible. Guessing based on diagnosis or history isn’t scalable. OutreachCentral™ allows you to reach 100% of patients discharged to home through automated phone calls, providing more time for clinical care and fewer readmissions.