Curaspan Health Group® has been acquired by naviHealth.

Not just any employee?
Good. We’re not just any company.

Change the face of health care at a company with smart people, a lively culture and minimal bureaucracy.






Meet Your New Coworkers

Curaspan connects healthcare providers, payers and suppliers by integrating their existing technology into our network. Once connected, organizational boundaries melt away and care becomes truly patient-centered. Hospital stays shorten. Readmission rates go down. Insights are revealed.

Unique Works

Probe. With intelligence, curiosity and street smarts, you connect the dots. You figure out how to get it done. Push. Your passion propels you to take the initiative. You focus on winning. To be the best. The first. Always. Perform. You hustle. Great things happen. You’re trusted. Empowered to make decisions. You relish the vote of confidence and like being accountable. Pull together. You don’t go it alone. You collaborate with colleagues. Respect them. Support them and what they do, whether it’s data security or selling or branding. Play. You don’t forget to have fun – and enjoy what you do.

Want to change the face of health care at a company with smart people, a lively culture and minimal bureaucracy?

All of Our Employees are Unique

Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts
Cats vs. Dogs
Mac vs. PC
Book vs. E-Reader
Mountains vs. Beach
Mountains VS Beach
Early Bird vs. Night Owl

Enjoy the Perks of Office


Our office has as much personality as our company. An open work environment, dedicated space to play and unwind, and an atrium to get you outside even on the coldest of days.

Ditch the expensive gym membership and workout on site before, during, or after work.

Snacks, coffee and tea in our kitchen and a café in the building to fuel your brain for the day.

Can’t make it to the gym? Blow off steam with a bubble hockey game on our old-school table.

Get around the office in style.

Whether you prefer a T-Pass or an E-ZPass and covered parking, it’s an easy commute to our Newton, MA office, located 12 miles west of Boston at the junction of 90/95 and next to the Riverside T station.