Curaspan has been acquired by naviHealth.

Manage referrals efficiently. Collaborate with hospitals effectively.

Post-acute providers, including skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and other community services play an important role in keeping patients healthy and out of higher-cost levels of care. Curaspan can connect all providers in the continuum on a single platform to allow for collaboration and insight across all care settings.

Streamline Referral Management

With Curaspan, data from referral packets is automatically pushed into your EMR or CRM so that you can start managing referrals right away. For even more efficiency, care transition workflows are standardized and aligned with best practices.

Strengthen Network Relationships

By connecting providers, Curaspan allows for stronger collaboration and generates the analytics necessary to optimize referral management performance for every stakeholder. From readmissions to in-network referrals, the transparency and data sharing we allow sets partners up for success.

Engage Community Services

With new discharge capabilities for post-acute providers, you can send referrals to providers of all kinds, including non-clinical. And with Intake you can access accurate and up-to-date care team information right in the patient’s details, making it easy to connect with everyone, even caregivers.

Participate in Narrow Networks

If you’re participating in any value-based programs, it’s important to be able to identify in-network, quality providers. Track (and share) your readmission percentage and LOS with upstream providers and demonstrate your value in the continuum.

Better Tools, Better Care

Collaborate with hospitals to book the patients that are the best match for your facility faster. Give the patients the care they need, increase patient satisfaction and improve clinical outcomes. All in less time than traditional referral management processes.

Designed for Users Like You

Designed with help from real users, our applications allow you to identify the patients that you can accept and care for quickly and easily, and collaborate with referral sources securely during the referral management process.


Curaspan IntakeTM

Intake allows post-acute care providers to not only securely connect with hospitals using DischargeCentral, but they can also input and manage referrals from any other referral sources. All in one place.


For providers, RideCentral streamlines the ordering and dispatching of non-emergent transportation for patients and gets patients to the next level of care quickly. For transportation companies, it helps with the management of utilization planning, verified pickup and payment information.

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